Campus Improvement Team

Chaired by the campus Principal, the Campus Improvement Team (CIT) is a campus level advisory committee whose purpose is to advise the principal on campus improvement. The CIT is comprised of a combination of certified professional campus-level and District-level staff, parents of students enrolled in the District, community members, and business representatives. The maximum number of CIT members is 18.

The CIT shall include the following members:

  • Campus-level school staff members (5–9 members)*
  • Non-school members (5–9)*
    • The majority are parents.
    • 1 or 2 are community representatives.
    • 1 or 2 are business representatives.

*The number of campus-level staff members and the number of non-school members shall be equal.

Additionally, one District-level professional staff liaison shall serve on each CIT whose membership shall not be counted in the composition number.

Anabel Taylor


Asna Masood

Assistant Principal

April Tavilson Assistant Principal

Roseleen Caballero


Caroline Torres


Juan Jarero


Gloria Villafana

Alba Luz Villeda Rivers Parent
Norfida Torres Parent
Angy Castelan Parent
Maria Velazquez Parent

Fernando Negreros

Community Representative

Jennifer Parker

Community Superintendent

Mike Thomas

District Representative