HBE is committed to all students achieving academic success. To insure that your child continues to grow to their fullest potential, HBE has created the Hornet Academy of Excellence, a special after school program.

Our program will serve students that:

 a)   are high achievers and want to accomplish even more,

 b)  provide additional support for those that need extra practice and time to master class instruction, and

 c)  students in the process to learn English as Second Language. 

In addition, our Hollibrook’s Hornet Academy of Excellence provides a series of activities that promote students’ leadership, trustworthiness, respect, caring, and citizenship through activities that will develop their full child potential.                        


This component consists of targeted academic instruction for students to increase learning and knowledge. Our Hollibrook teachers focus on targeted learning and lessons to expand critical thinking skills.

  • Tuesdays: Reading Support
  • Thursdays: Mathematics Assistance

Students receive academic support from 3:05—4:30 pm


In addition, our school offer 5 Saturday Camps during the school year. Our teachers create interactive activities for students to reinforce classroom instruction.  Usually, our Saturday Camps are from 8:00 am—12:00pm

We highly recommend  take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to boost child’s academic progress.


We offer enrichment activities on Mondays and Wednesdays. All enrichment activities are strategically planned to encourage students to apply classroom instruction in real life events; at the same time students will have an opportunity to foster his/her unique talents and skills.

Mondays: Academic Enrichment

Robotics, Science, Computer Lab, Bridges, College Exploration, Recycling, Writing, etc.

Wednesdays: Physical Enhancement

Soccer, Tennis, Spikball, Filming, Photography, Dance, Healthy Cooking, Art, Theater, etc.

Students participate in these activities from 3:05-5:00 pm

All students receive a health snack. We provide transportation for your convenience as well.

For more information please call:

Scott E. Baldwin, Coordinator
(713) 251-5882
Teresa Cienfuegos, Assistant
(713) 251-5819