Dress Code

Hollibrook Elementary
Student Dress Code

  • Shirts: Plain white or blue shirts (polo, oxford, or blouse).  No patterns, stripes or logos may be worn. 
  • Pants, Skirts, Shorts, Skorts, Jumpers: Plain navy blue or khaki skirts, pants, shorts, skorts, or jumpers may be worn.
    • Shorts, skorts, jumpers, skirts and dresses must be longer than the tips of the finger when arms are extended at the sides. 
    • Leggings are only allowed under skorts, shorts, jumpers and/or dresses.  Leggings are not allowed as pants.  Leggings must be a plain solid color
    • Students should have their shirts tucked in and should wear a belt with their pants/shorts.
  • Fridays: Students may only wear their Current red Hollibrook spirit shirt with jeans. (Jeans cannot have holes).
  • HBE navy Long Sleeve or red long sleeve shirt may be worn any day with uniform bottoms
  • Sweatshirts / Sweaters: No hooded clothing of any kind may be worn during the day.  Plain, hoodless sweatshirts or sweaters (no stripes, patterns, logos or hoods) may be worn during class time.  
  • Outerwear Jackets/Coats (with hoods/hats): May be worn during cold weather and are allowed when coming to and going home from school but must be taken off and stored during the day.
  • Out of Dress Code:  Students will be sent to the office.  CIS and the front office will notify the parents and have them change their clothes. 
    • If the parents cannot come and deliver clothing, CIS will assist with the change of clothes.  If being out of uniform has become a habit for the student; contact CIS - Cindy Rojas.  She will work with the child and parent.
    • Teachers should follow up with a phone call/note to the parents that day and document in parent contact log. 
    • Please keep in mind that students can only learn if they are physically comfortable and that comfort levels are different for each individual. 


      Non-Allowable:  (except for special circumstances approved by an administrator)

  • No patterns, stripes, or designs on any clothing worn during the day
  • No earrings for boys or medium to large hoops or dangling earrings for girls.
  • No Wheelies
  • No baggy pants or pants worn below the waist
  • No make-up
  • No hoods on any clothing worn during the day
  • No oversized shirts worn outside the pants